November 2, 2023 4:01 pm

Genesis 1:28 Entrepreneur™ Framework

In a nutshell, what is the Genesis 1:28 Entrepreneur™ framework for business success? We will delve deeper into how you can practically implement this framework for your business in our upcoming videos, resources, and book. However, here is a high-level version to help you out TODAY. 

The What:  The Genesis 1:28 Entrepreneur™ Framework for Business Success is a framework modeled on the work mandate given by God to mankind as seen on the biblical passage of Genesis 1:28 – Be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill the Earth, Subdue It and Have Dominion.

What makes this framework for business success unique?

The Why of the Framework:  To bring about God’s kingdom influence on this earth through the marketplace.

The How of the Framework:  With integrity, Christ-like character, and wisdom from the word of God. All rooted in knowing the king of the kingdom personally. 

Be Fruitful

The first stage of the framework is to “Be Fruitful.” The original word used for this phrase is pârâh, which means to branch off, bear fruit, and make fruitful. In other words, make something out of what you have. Ask yourself, what do you have in your hands? It may only be an idea or what is called a “seed” – an idea in seed form that you need to develop and turn into a product or service that the market may be willing to pay to obtain from you.


The second stage of the framework is to “Multiply.” The original word used for this phrase is râbâh, which means to become many, become numerous, increase, and make great. In other words, make more of the same. Ask yourself, how can I take this one “fruit” I have in the form of a product or service and make more of the same?

Fill the Earth

The third stage of the framework is to “Fill the Earth.” The original word used for this phrase is mâlê, which means to fill, be full, and be accomplished. In other words, maximize the potential to the brink! Ask yourself, how can I take all that I have done so far with this business and take it to the maximum capacity within my definition of success, goals, and objectives for this business?

Subdue It

The fourth stage of the framework is “Subdue It.” The original word used for this phrase is kâbash, which means to subject, subdue, and keep under. In other words, make what your business offers so good to the market (people) that they become voluntarily dependent on your business to continue to make their lives easier and better. Ask yourself if your business ceases to exist, would the market miss what it provides? If your business were to leave the market and no one would miss it – you have not arrived at this stage yet. Provide something that keeps the market (people) coming back for more because of the value your business provides to make their lives easier and/or better. Your business name should be the one that comes to mind FIRST when the market has a particular need that your product or service meets. Ask yourself, when people have a need that my business solves, is my business or product name the FIRST that comes to their mind?

Have Dominion

The fifth and final stage of the framework is to “Have Dominion.” The original word used for this phrase is râdâh, which means to rule, dominate, and tread down. At surface level, it means to have the capacity to have an effect over your specific market and to trample and make the competition irrelevant. At the core, it means to steward the influence well.

When you “Have Dominion,” it means that specific market always needs to include you at the table for relevant conversations. It means that what you say or recommend has an effect on the choices made by that market. It means that the market looks to you as a reference for what is best and what/how things should be for your sector. When your business arrives at this stage, it means that your business has the ability to effect change in your market by its mere influence, recommendations, and stances. The competition is not really competition at this point but has become students of your business’ success – and are always trying to catch up.

To get to the “Have Dominion” stage means much hard work has been done.  It can be a great honor, achievement but even more a great responsibility.  A great responsibility to steward it well and depending on your definition of success, goals, and objectives a great responsibility to keep it for as long as possible in order to effect change on this earth for good.  And in the words of the late Dr. Myles Munroe, when you do the first four stages of the framework found in Genesis 1:28, “the result is Dominion.”

“His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  So let’s do business.

Written by: 

Débora Sobral – Founder, Genesis 1:28 Entrepreneur™